Deal Registration

If you have successfully registered your WaveHunter project and you are a certified WaveHunter Professional,
then you get access to advantages.

You just need to provide the following information:

Proof of Commissioning

You provide us with a proof of commissioning of the WaveHunter.

Photo Proof

You provide us with photos of the installation and the finish solution on the vessel.

Connectivity Results

Optionally you provide us with throughput end testing connectivity results.

WHC-System Integrator information

Shipping Company Details

Shipping Company Contact Details

Vessel Details

Project Information

WaveHunter Elite Cross-Polarised, High Gain, Multi-Directional, 5G/LTE, 617 – 4200 MHz, 6x (4x4) Multi MIMO Marine & Coastal Antenna Array, 4x Dual Band Wi-Fi, 2x GPS/Glonass, Max. 11 dBi Gain, excluding a pedestal

Router Information

Support Documentation

The supporting document must include the end customer information.
Please upload support document(s) below: (e.g. quote, price offer...)

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
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