How Do I Space 2 Single (SISO) Antennas For MIMO?


We received this questions from a customer that wants to use 2 x LPDA-92 for MIMO. He asked: “Can I place these on a pole with one at the top and one below about 3 feet (90cm) apart? Would they or should they both be facing same tower and direction?”


Spacing them 3 feet apart is great and facing one tower you will get MIMO, pointing to 2 towers will also work because you will get signal from the best tower (MIMO will figure out which one is best).

If you decide to point to one tower, best would be to mount one with the elements vertical and one with the elements horizontal, especially if facing the same base station (it does not matter what polarisation the base station use). We have a BRKT-30 for mounting theLPDA-92 horizontally. You can also use the +-45 degree bracket at one height (our BRKT-33 makes this easy).

Below is a video where we explain this and show the brackets:


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