To find the best solution to increase throughput and signal speed with an antenna several dimensions should be considered.

Indoor / outdoor:

If you can mount it, a suitable outdoor antenna can deliver much better performance
Directional (panel, LPDA) or omnidirectional antenna:

If you are in a remote area where the direction of the next base station can be clearly identified, it is best to use a directional antenna and align it with the base station. If you are in an (urban) area where there are different signal sources and/or you are working with different providers an omnidirectional antenna offers the better and more flexible solution.


High or low gain:

In general – the higher the gain the better. But gain correlates with size of an antenna so typically there are limits. Further, if you are in an area with very strong signal strengths, a lower gain antenna may work better.

To find the right antenna please visit our antenna selection guide.

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