What is LTE Advanced and LTE+?

Jul 19, 2018 | Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTE-A, (LTE-Advanced) and LTE+. A short video by Dr Andre Fourie explaining what these are and why you need a BROADBAND MiMo antenna to get the full benefit of using these technologies.

Some LTE-Advanced enabled devices (from the FLOW website):

VendorModelForm Factor
AppleiPhone 6s A1700Phone
AppleiPhone 6s Plus A1699Phone
AppleiPhone 7 Plus A1786Phone
AppleiPhone 7 A1780Phone
AppleiPhone 7 Plus A1661Phone
AppleiPhone 7 A1779Phone
AppleiPhone 7 Plus A1785Phone
AppleiPhone 7 A1660Phone
AppleiPhone 7 Plus A1784Phone
AppleiPhone 7 A1778Phone
AsusZenFone Zoom ZX551ML LTE-A USPhone
AsusZenFone 3 Deluxe ZS570KL 5.7 inchPhone
BlackberryPriv STV100-1 TD-LTE Venice Cat 9 chipsetPhone
BlackberryPriv STV100-3 Venice Cat 9 chipsetPhone
BlackberryPriv STV100-4 Venice Cat 9 chipsetPhone
HTCOne A9 LTE-A NA 32GB (Hima Aero)Phone
HTCOne M9 LTE-A for North AmericaPhone
HTCOne M9 LTE-A for T-Mobile USAPhone
HTCHTC 10 on SprintPhone
HTCPixel XL / Nexus M1Phone
HTCOne A9sPhone
HTCPixel / Nexus S1Phone
HuaweiNexus 6P RoW version (A2)Phone
HuaweiP8 GRA-L09 Dual SIM TD-LTEPhone
HuaweiMate 8 NXT-AL10Phone
HuaweiMate S CRR-UL20 Force Touch Premium EditionPhone
HuaweiP9 Plus VIE-L29Phone
HuaweiP9 Premium Edition EVA-L29Phone
HuaweiP9 Premium Edition EVA-AL10Phone
HuaweiMate 8 NXT-L29Phone
HuaweiMate 8 NXT-L09Phone
HuaweiP9 lite VNS-L53Phone
HuaweiNexus 6P North America version (A1)Phone
HuaweiHonor 8 Premium Edition NAM (VoLTE on T Mobile)Phone
HuaweiHonor 8 Standard EditionPhone
HuaweiHonor 8 Standard Edition North America bandsPhone
Huaweinova CAN-L03 modelPhone
Huaweinova Plus MLA-L03 modelPhone
HuaweiP9 Plus VIE-L09Phone
HuaweiP9 EVA-L09Phone
LenovoMoto X Force XT1580Phone
LenovoMotorola Moto Z Play XT1635-02 (Motorola Vector)Phone
LenovoMotorola Moto Z XT1650-04 (Motorola Sheridan)Phone
LenovoMotorola Moto G4 Plus 4G LTE XT1641Phone
LeTVLe1 Pro Dual SIMPhone
LGG4 H810 LTE-A (LG P1)Phone
LGG4 H815 LTE-A (LG P1)Phone
LGH900 V10 LTE-A (LG HPF)Phone
LGUS995 G Flex2 LTE-APhone
LGG5 H831Phone
LGG5 H860Phone
LGG5 H860NPhone
LGUS996 V20Phone
LGH910 V20Phone
LGK600Y X Fast / X Mach (LG X5)Phone
LGG5 SE H845NPhone
LGG5 Speed H858Phone
LGLG G5 US992 for US CellularPhone
LGH955P G Flex2 LTE-A / H955PRPhone
MicrosoftLumia 950Phone
MicrosoftLumia 950 TD-LTEPhone
MotorolaMoto X Pure Edition TD-LTE XT1575Phone
MotorolaMoto X Style Global Dual SIM TD-LTE XT1572Phone
MotorolaMoto Z ForcePhone
MotorolaMoto ZPhone
OnePlusOnePlus 2 North America modelPhone
OnePlusOnePlus 3 A3000 North America modelPhone
SamsungSM-G850A Galaxy Alpha LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G850T Galaxy Alpha LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G890A Galaxy S6 Active LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G903W Galaxy S5 Neo LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G920I Galaxy S6 LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G920R4 Galaxy S6 LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G920W8 Galaxy S6 LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G9250 Galaxy S6 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G925I Galaxy S6 Edge LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G925R4 Galaxy S6 Edge LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G925W8 Galaxy S6 Edge LTE-APhone
SamsungSM-G9287C Galaxy S6 Edge+ Cat 9Phone
SamsungSM-N9208 Galaxy Note 5 NoblePhone
SamsungSM-N920F Galaxy Note 5 NoblePhone
SamsungSM-N9200 Galaxy Note 5 NoblePhone
SamsungSM-N920R4 Galaxy Note 5 NoblePhone
SamsungSM-N920G Galaxy Note 5 NoblePhone
SamsungSM-N920W8 Galaxy Note 5 NoblePhone
SamsungSM-A710M/DS Galaxy A7 2016Phone
SamsungSM-G935T Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G935A Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G935R4 Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G935FD Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G9350 Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G935F Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G935K Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G935S Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-G9308 Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930AZ Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930R4 Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930FD Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G9300 Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930F Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930A Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930T Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G930S Galaxy S7Phone
SamsungSM-G935U Galaxy S7 EdgePhone
SamsungSM-N930D Galaxy Note 7Phone
SamsungSM-A810S Galaxy A8 2016Phone
SamsungSM-A910F/DS Galaxy A9 Pro 2016Phone
Shenzhen Hexiang Electronics8Smobile LTE 8S5697 North American bandsPhone
Shenzhen Hexiang Electronics8Smobile LTE 8S5698 North American bandsPhone
Shenzhen Hexiang Electronics8Smobile LTE 8S5385 North American bandsPhone
Sirin LabsSolarinPhone
Smartisan TechnologyT2 SM801Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z5 Premium E6833Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z5 Premium E6883 (VoLTE on Reliance Jio)Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z5 Premium E6853Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z3+ Dual TD-LTE E6533 / Xperia Z4Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z3+ TD-LTE E6553 / Xperia Z3 PlusPhone
Sony MobileXperia X Performance F8131Phone
Sony MobileXperia X Performance F8132Phone
Sony MobileXperia X F5121Phone
Sony MobileXperia X F5122Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z5 Compact E5823 S50Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z5 Dual E6683 S60Phone
Sony MobileXperia Z5 Dual E6633 S60Phone
Sony MobileXperia XZ F8332Phone
Sony MobileXperia XZ F8331Phone
Sony MobileXperia X Compact F5321Phone
Sony MobileXperia X Performance 502SOPhone
TCLAlcatel One Touch Idol 4 6055BPhone
TCLAlcatel One Touch Pop 4S LTE 5095LPhone
TCLTCL 950Phone
ZTEAxon Pro A1P North American bands Cat 9 chipsetPhone
ZTEAxon 7 A2017U 5.5 inchPhone
ZTENubia Z11 NX531J North American bandsPhone
ZTEAxon 7 Mini B2017GPhone
ZTENubia Z11 Mini NX529J North American bandsPhone
ZTEAxon 7 A2017U 5.5 inch North American bandsPhone
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