Antennas For Telenor’s MobilE Broadband-Offering To Homes

Project Information

Antennas for Telenor’s mobilE broadband-offering to homes.
Customer: Telenor
Location: Norway
Partner: EMCOM AS
Email: [email protected]


The fixed-line network based on copper is now more than 100 years old. Originally, these copper-wires were installed to provide (fixed-line) telephony and evolved in also providing internet access. In a lot of cases, the old copper-based network no longer meets the need for speed, stability and capacity. Moreover, it is vulnerable and prone to errors and downtime. Telenor have thus decided to replace the entire old copper infrastructure with more modern and secure alternatives. The product “Hjemmebredbånd Mobil” (which translates to ‘Home broadband over mobile’ or ‘mobile broadband for homes’) launched as one of the alternatives to internet over copper.

This ‘Home broadband over mobile’ is a secure and future-proof broadband-solution to your home, delivered over the mobile network. The subscription is delivered with a new WiFi-system that provides great WiFi-coverage throughout the home.

The Challenge

Poorer cell-coverage in certain areas
Telenor has world-class coverage on 4G/4G+. The network is very well developed and deployed, but some locations will still require a powerful external antenna to obtain a strong enough signal. In addition to challenges with signal strength in some remote locations, there are problems presented by modern materials and building techniques used when building new houses. These cases too require an external antenna to provide signal to a 4G-router.

Telenor thus had a need for a solid outdoor-mount antenna that could cope with the Norwegian climate. The antenna was to have high gain, be easy to mount, and the physical design had to be compact so the impact on the house profile would be minimal.

The Solution

POYNTING XPOL-2 4G-/5G-panel antenna
Telenor asked Emcom for an antenna that could meet the criteria set forth. Emcom recommended the XPOL-2 antenna from POYNTING Antennas. This antenna was already the most sold 4G panel antenna in Norway. The first version of XPOL-2 was launched at the same time 4G was launched in 2012. The years that followed proved the XPOL-2 to be a very robust and efficient antenna that no other manufacturer has managed to come close to. Not for a lack of trying; several manufacturers have tried to copy the first version of the antenna but could not get the performance nor the ruggedness right. Later versions were patented and wholly unique.

With the fast-moving world of telecommunications, Telenor was also very clear that the antenna would have to cater also for the next generation cellular network; 5G. To that end, POYNTING Antennas accelerated the development of the next version XPOL-2, that also handles the frequencies 3400-3800 MHz. 

These bands will be used for 5G deployment to homes. In this latest version of theXPOL-2, POYNTING Antennas managed to not only add a frequency range, but also increased the gain – without increasing the physical size of the chassis. POYNTING Antennas managed this incredible feat by employing a technology called «Artificial Magnetic Conductors» (AMC), together with their own patented design. AMC and the design provided a significant improvement in the pattern. The radio signals are radiated as well as a significant increase in efficiency/gain.

The Result

Improved cell-coverage with a future-proof product
With the new panel antenna from POYNTING Antennas, Telenor can now offer their product to a bigger market with confidence. The antenna is supplied free of charge to those customers who need it. The supplied XPOL-2 antenna can also be used when Telenor eventually upgrade their network to 5G – the next generation mobile network.

The Customer Said:

“Emcom/POYNTING Antennas was the obvious choice of partner when we needed advanced antennas for our major endeavour in “fixed mobile broadband” for businesses and private households. Through the partnership we gained early access to 5G compatible antennas, which now makes us well-equipped for the future of mobile technology. Emcom/POYNTING Antennas exhibits a high degree of technical expertise and a pride in recommending solutions they know customers will be satisfied with.” – Andreas K Fjeld, Telenor Norway AS

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