Comparative Case Study using the new XPOL-24


Melodie, is a residential suburb in Hartbeespoort, South Africa that has a high concentration of complexes and interesting enough has very good 5G network coverage.

The area is typical of Semi-Urban Areas in South Africa with relatively high density, single storey Housing. Whilst this particular 5G Tower was relatively close by, the Area is serviced by relatively sparsely populated Mobile Network Operator Towers which lends itself to deploying Directional Antennas to get the most of the available LTE, 4G, 5G Signal.


The client lives in a residential complex which has no Fibre installed and works from home. Moreover, he works for a Router vendor manufacturing 5G routers which he regularly tests in his Lab.

The client has a Cradlepoint W2000-5GB 5G router which he is testing with 4×4 5G antennas from different vendors to see which works best/ offers better results.

POYNTING offered the XPOL-24 4×4 5G antenna for him to test. The same test was done with a competitor 5G 4×4 antenna and the results recorded.


The XPOL-24 antenna was mounted outdoors and pointed to a base station not so far from the client’s complex. (Photographs 1 & 2 below)

Photo 1

Photo 2

Below is a map of where the 5G router device was installed and details of the base station the router was connected to.


A comparative performance analysis between the competitor antenna and POYNTING’s XPOL-24 antenna was conducted, and the results recorded.

Note: The competitor antenna was installed in the same location until 22-April-2022 and POYNTING’s XPOL-24 was installed on 23-April-2022

Speed tests:

The screenshot on the right depicts the Router speed test with XPOL-24 antenna.

Speed tests summary table

LTE Signal details:

The orange dotted line depicts the point in time when the POYNTING XPOL-24 was installed

5G Signal details:

The Speed Test Summary Table above shows an increase in

Download: 438,92 – 398,82 / 398,82 Mbps = 10,05%

Upload: 97,27 – 88,88 / 88,88 Mbps = 9,44%

From the graphs above it can be clearly seen how all Signal Parameters and in particular both the Received-Signal-Strength-Indication (RSSI) measured for LTE as well as Reference-Signal-Receive-Power (RSRP) for both LTE as well as 5G improved significantly.

Of particular importance is Signal-to-Interference-and-Noise Ratio (SINR) which also improved in both cases leading to the significant improvement seen in both Download- and Upload Speeds after installing the POYNTING XPOL-24 Antenna.


After installing the POYNTING XPOL-24 Antenna there was a significant increase in both Download and Upload Speed as well as Signal Parameters in both LTE and 5G reception over that of the Competitor Antenna.

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