EMCOM supplies POYNTING antennas for containers

Project Information

Customer: Kolonial.No
Location: Norway
Partners: Emcom A/S, Oslo Norway
POYNTING Product: OMNI-292 Cellular Omni-directional Antenna


Kolonial.no is Norway’s largest online grocery store. They offer a wide range of groceries and dinner dishes, either delivered to the home or at a pick-up point. In co-operation with the grocery chain REMA 1000, prices are kept low, and through partners such as Strøm-Larsen and Godt Brød, Kolonial.no offers an exciting local selection of products.

The company was founded in 2013 by 10 entrepreneurs with the goal of creating Norway’s best online grocery shopping experience and making everyday life easier. Now Kolonial.no is the only company in its category with the fastest growth in the entire Nordic region. After the outbreak of the Corona Virus, they have experienced an extreme upturn of new customers.

The Challenge


To provide their customers with an even better service offering, Kolonial.no have established several pick-up points in and around the cities. This self service solution allows the customer to receive their dispatched goods, without waiting in line. Small, self-service pick-up points are placed in both residential areas and neighborhoods and can be placed virtually anywhere.

It is important that these pick-up points are online 24/7 as they do video monitoring, communication via SMS with a central server and it is needed for the overall control of the system. This is difficult to do with a traditional landlines that takes a long time to establish, thus a safe and stable solution via the cellular network was required.

The Result


What Kolonial.no has achieved with the products from Emcom, is an easy solution that is more stable and futureproof than previous setups. This simplifies the deployment of new locations and provides a reassurance that the equipment is working.

The Result

With the implementation of the robust marine antenna solution, the Geodrone 6800 is capable of effortlessly achieving its specified connectivity range of up to 3000m.

The Customer Said:

“With Emcom as a supplier, we have had quick access to components, with good technical support when needed. The equipment we selected works “out of the box”, which facilitates installation and commissioning. Furthermore, it gave us good remote configuration options. Really just putting in a sim card and turning on the power. Doesn’t get any better than that!”Dan Ove Gudmundsen, pickup manager, Kolonial.no

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