Lose sight of the Shore with the POYNTING RIPPLE

POYNTING Antennas, a global leader in innovative antenna solutions, has unveiled its latest product for the marine industry – the RIPPLE. The RIPPLE offers a robust solution for internet reception out at sea, allowing yacht owners to stay connected on their adventures.

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” inspired the tagline for the RIPPLE, as yacht owners can now venture into the open water with the confidence of staying connected.

The RIPPLE features cross-polarized antennas, with high gain vertical and low gain horizontal omni-directional antennas, with wideband coverage from 617 to 7200 MHz with high performance. The cellular antennas have a peak gain of 9.5dBi, while the Wi-Fi antennas have a peak gain of 8.5dBi, providing MIMO performance with improved throughput.

The RIPPLE offers up to 22 antennas within a single solution, with 16 x cellular, 4 x Wi-Fi and 2 x GPS antennas. The RIPPLE can accommodate most 5G routers on the market, with an available router space of 300 x 250 x 110 mm³. Making it ideal for any router deployment.

“We are thrilled to offer the RIPPLE to the marine industry,” said Dr Andre Fourie, CEO of POYNTING Antennas. “This product reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions for our customers, and we believe the RIPPLE will revolutionize the way yacht owners stay connected out at sea.”

The RIPPLE is now available for purchase, if you want more information about this, or any of POYNTING’s marine and coastal antenna range, contact your nearest POYNTING partner.

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