Nature office – Now Possible With a POYNTING Antenna

Project Info:
  • Location: Pretoria, South Africa
  • POYNTING Product: LPDA-500

The Background

Surè van Rooyen, one of the POYNTING marketing team stays in a beautiful, lush rural area north of Pretoria.

As the marketing team often work from home, stable internet connectivity is crucial. Broadband is the only option in this region and there are not many operators that offers a broadband service.

The Challenge

Surè stays in the picturesque area of Bon Accord, where lush plants and abundant trees create a serene environment. Positioned 25 kilometers outside of Pretoria, it offers a charming retreat, the unfortunate downside lies in the limited internet connectivity options available. The absence of fiber optic infrastructure and the unreliability of the few mobile operators in the area make the internet service unstable.

For Surè, this poses a significant challenge, as her online activities involve managing large graphic files, updating the website, and participating in online work sessions and meetings. In this context, a stable and dependable internet connection becomes an absolute necessity to ensure seamless productivity and communication. The current situation calls for an improvement in internet services to meet Surè’s essential requirements effective.

Working for POYNTING Antennas made the solution quite simple. A high gain antenna should do the thing. Initially she tried the OMNI-600, and while this brought some improvement, the leafy area, and the fact that there are not many towers around, required that we take out the big guns.

The Solution

Enter the POYNTING LPDA-500 Antenna. They connected this high gain directional antenna to the HUAWEI B535-932 router in the lounge. With the cables going through the window, Sure’s husband climbed on the roof and started aligning the antenna.

Being high gain, the beamwidth of the LPDA-500 is quite narrow and need to be pointed quite accurately to the correct tower. By hubby rotating the antenna in 15-degree increments, and Sure’ keeping an eye on the signal bars of the router, they found the best signal in their area.

Router HUAWEI B535-932: This direction was later confirmed by seeing which towers are available using the software.

The Result

Sure’s download speed went from 1.17 to 6.54 Mbps – not blazing fast on a global scale, but a whopping 580% increase from before. And let me tell you, that was all she needed!

But here’s the real game-changer: the connection is way more stable now. And that’s made a world of difference for her. Before, she had to drive like 10 kms to a relative’s place just to get a decent signal to work. But now, she can work comfortably from home without any of that hassle. It’s been a total game-changer for Sure’s productivity and work-life balance!

The Customer Said:

“With many companies asking employees to go back to the office, I realized that it is a privilege to work from home!” POYNTING is very flexible with allowing employees BUT you need reliable internet – and the LPDA-500 made that possible. Now I can work from home without worrying about connection issues.” – Sure van Rooyen.

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