LTE and WIFI for Nordic Sightseeing Boats

Project Information

Customer: “The Fjords”, Flåm AS & Fjord1 AS
Location: FLÅM, Norway
Partners:  Emcom AS , Oslo Norway
POYNTING Product: OMNI-291 Marine & Coastal LTE Antenna and OMNI-496 Marine & Coastal Wi-Fi Antenna

OMNI-496 Background

The Vision and Future of the Fjords sightseeing boats are all-electric built using a brand-new standard in design and technology. They have been designed with 5G access points to maximize the tourist experience. These boats are made to handle any kind of weather and have large windows and walkways inspired by the winding trails of steep mountain terrain. Both vessels should provide the best connectivity experience for both tourists as well as remote monitoring of installed high tech.

The Challenge

The hybrid vessel (Vision of the Fjords) and the fully electrical tourist passenger sightseeing vessels (Future of the Fjords) are brimming with high-tech solutions. This is needed for the battery systems, mobile electrical charging dock specially developed with advanced IT systems and to support the controls of the vessels and all the installed devices. Last, but not least, the need to provide the best connectivity experience for all the tourist on board. POYNTING’s partner  Emcom AS  was asked to provide a connectivity solution to ensure that even in the remote parts of the fjords cellular connectivity was ensured, whilst tourist and the crew had Wi-Fi access to the internet. The crew is using the IT- Solutions to monitor all important devices to ensure safety on board and secure daily operations. Tourists should also have good internet experience to be able to immediately share fantastic adventures and photos with loved ones.

The Solution

Emcom designed a customized solution for both vessels that ensures mobile cellular connectivity of the vessels to the available networks. The onboard Wi-Fi hotspots were designed to provide internet access above and below deck. As multiple telecoms operators were used the POYNTING OMNI-291​ marine antenna was chosen, as it is mechanically and electrically optimized for use in a marine environment and covers all frequencies (450 – 2700 MHz) currently used by Mobile Network Operators in Norway.

The dual band Wi-Fi marine and coastal antenna, the OMNI-496, secures the Wi-Fi connectivity on deck and functions as a hotspot. It also establishes a connection to the Wi-Fi in the harbor when the boat is charging and boarding tourists. Like all POYNTING antennas high performance, wide bandwidth and exceptional quality is a given.

The Result

The communication solutions with the POYNTING antennas ensures that the crew and their colleagues on land can have full control and can remotely monitor the status of all technical equipment on the vessels. Financial transactions are immediate and online. With the vast cellular communications an extra level of passenger safety precautions is present. Passengers also have access to the best available internet during their trip in the Fjords.

The Customer Said:

“Future of The Fjords minimizes its impact on the environment, while maximizing the experience of passengers who can now glide silently over the water and come closer to nature than ever before! We provide the best communication service to immediately share adventures”. – says: Mr. Vidar Hauståker, CEO of shipowner “The Fjords” “

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