Tunnel inspection & measurement using HELI antennas

Project Information

Tunnel Inspection & Measurement using HELI Antennas.
Customer: Support Vor Ort GmbH (SVO)
Location: Switzerland
Partner:  BellEquip GmbH
HELI-3 High-gain tunnel Wi-Fi antenna (2.4 – 2.5 GHz)
Email: [email protected]


Support Vor Ort GmbH (SVO) is based in Switzerland and provides temporary and permanent Wi-Fi solutions for special customer needs. They got contacted by a local customer in Switzerland for a temporary Wi-Fi setup in a tunnel with the length of about 350m and a diameter of 4m.

The Challenge

The main challenge was that they needed Wi-Fi communications down a long, narrow tunnel. Safety regulations required that only an unmanned remote-controlled service cart is allowed in the tunnel and no cabling outside the cart allowed. The IP cameras and other measuring equipment on the cart to be powered by a generator that was mounted on the cart. The tunnel is also divided in half (lengthwise) by a concrete wall. They needed to transmit the data and the stream of the IP cameras to the control center at the entrance of the tunnel.  The plan was to use two antennas, one on the moving cart and one at the entrance of the tunnel.

The Solution

After some technical consultation with Keith Bloomer, from POYNTING Europe, it was decided to go with 2 x 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Helical antennas sourced from the POYNTING distributor, BellEquip GmbH.

These have an excellent gain (17.5dBi), but as they are quite long, the customer had to ensure that they can get into the entrance of the tunnel and fit on the cart. Once this was established the antennas were installed and the measurements were taken.

The Result

SVO got a stable link over the tunnel length of 310m – due to damage in the tunnel further measurements were not possible. SVO and their customer were very happy with the performance of the antennas as well as the fast response and quick delivery of the antennas by BellEquip GmbH.

“We quickly realized that normal 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi antennas won’t do the job and approached POYNTING Antennas after finding our Heli Antennas online” – Wolfgang Matter, owner and manager

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