Getting to the Poynt: Selecting an LTE Antenna

At the end of May we had our 7th webinar titled: “Getting to the Poynt: Selecting an #LTE Antenna”. With more than 300 people registering from more than 33 countries we knew that this is a subject of interest to a wide audience. Pieter Prinsloo did a great job of taking you through the antenna basics and what to look for when selecting an antenna.

If you struggle with slow #internet for gaming, working from home, home schooling, or downloading movies, you will also benefit from this webinar as it will give you an understanding of what an antenna is and what it can do for you.

Video Recording

Watch the recording here:

Cheat Sheets

Below some links and cheat sheets that will help both the novice and the more experienced person identifying which antenna is best in different scenarios.

POYNTING Webinar List

Here are links to our previous webinars should you be interested:

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  2. A guide to antenna implementation & considerations:
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  4. Taking Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) from bits to Bytes
  5. Marine LTE & 5G – Making Waves Out At Sea:
  6. Webinar 6: Digging into circular polarised underground communication
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