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Choosing the most suitable antenna can be very confusing & technical. Therefore, a powerful searching capability was central in the design of our new website. The new was launched at the beginning of July and we hope you had some time to have a look through it and to start using some of the features.

This website has a variety of features that makes finding the correct antenna for your application much easier. The website has a variety of searching options, our popular antenna summary page and a comparison feature that allows you to compare similar products side-by-side.

We have a vast collection of RF and antenna related content and information that has been created over years. This includes videos, FAQs, case studies, technical articles, technical drawings, product photographs and much more. In this video we show you where to find what on our product and resources pages. Please take 20 minutes to look through the video below, where we show you how to get to everything at the click of a mouse!

In this video we will show you: The Powerful Searching (including the Antenna Summary page).

  • Search Bar
  • Our top 3 products in every vertical market.
  • Search over all products
  • Antenna Summary Page
  • More content on the Product Pages.
  • Comparing Antenna Products.
  • More content on the Resources Page.
  • How to find our partners on the Contact Us page.

A half an hour spent to see what you can do (and find) on the new POYNTING Website, can save hours of searching in future.

Click here to view video.

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