Castor Marine Improving Communication on Walk-to-Work Vessel

Project Info:

  • Customer: Wagenborg Offshore
  • Partners: Castor Marine
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • POYNTING Product:
    •  OMNI-902: 2X2 MIMO LTE/5G Marine Antenna

The Background

Castor Marine, our partner in the Netherlands, was approached by Wagenborg Offshore to supply a seamless connectivity installation to their fourth Walk-to-Work (W2W) vessel, named the ‘Koenigsborg’.

A Walk-to-Work vessel needs to be able to perform multiple offshore support roles. The Koenigsborg offers accommodation for up to 40 people and is also equipped with an infirmary, reception rooms, a decontamination room, a recovery room, and a motion-compensated gangway.

They also needed a solution that could be managed remotely, making it ideal for monitoring, performing changes and software upgrades.

The Challenge

W2W vessels are often used by Oil, Gas and Offshore Wind companies. To carry out their work safely and cost-efficiently, the crew and additional maintenance or rescue staff need seamless internet connectivity, 24/7, for smooth operations and exchanging information with clients, suppliers, and HQ – especially in emergency situations.

Good internet access also improves the quality of life of crew members as it keeps them connected with families and friends

The Solution

Castor Marine chose satellite as the preferred communication technology onboard.

The Tampnet 4G service (4G LTE network on the North Sea) is used for low-latency applications, when the Koenigsborg is within the coverage of LTE network.

Castor Marine is the very first in the world to install the high performance POYNTING Omni-902 LTE/5G Antennas.

The antennas have a high performance and are designed for all-weather conditions at sea. It covers the contemporary LTE/5G bands from 617 – 4200 MHz. This robust antenna is all-weather proof for harsh conditions at sea (IP 68 Rated).

The dual Fortinet FortiExtender 511 LTE/5G modem is used to provide high availability and advanced threat protection.

The combination of Satellite and 4G LTE service allows the crew members to have connectivity wherever they are. By adding a POYNTING OMNI-902 antenna the 4G service is available much further from shore resulting in good internet connectivity at more affordable prices.

The Customer Said:

The offshore internet system, both hardware and software, ensure that the crew always have the necessary bandwidth for all requirements.
Mighan Struwig – Director Castor Marine.

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