From The UK To Japan – Dan & Dave’s Adventure

In our previous newsletter, we mentioned this exciting adventure where Dan and Dave will be driving a Toyota Yaris from the UK to Japan. They are driving from their hometown of Chatteris in Cambridgeshire to the capital of Japan, Tokyo. The drive will take them through 20 countries across 12,500 miles on some of the world’s most challenging roads and roughest terrain, cutting through deserts, mountains and rivers.

They left Chatteris on the 12th of August and it should take 8 weeks to reach Vladivostok Port in Russia. From there they will take the 2-day ferry, Pit-stopping at South Korea, to Sakaiminato in Japan. The plan is to arrive in Tokyo on the 5th October and then fly home from there.

They will be keeping in touch with the rest of the world with a Slingshot CloudCase® linked to a high gain POYNTING antenna (MIMO-3) that is mounted on the car. Happy traveling Dan and Dave!

You can follow their journey on the POYNTING or Chatteris2Tokyo Facebook pages.

In the photographs below you can see the MIMO-3 mounted on the Toyota Yaris.

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