In the Spotlight – Heike Grant-Just

Heike Grant-Just started her journey at POYNTING Antennas in 2009. She praises POYNTING Antennas for the exceptional amount of growth and opportunity it has offered her and says the best part of working for POYNTING is that everyone is so supportive.

What are some of your highlights working at POYNTING Antennas?

Her first highlight would be the Logistics team. They have a great work ethic and are very reliable. The second highlight is the set up with Envisen, meeting new people and setting up with them was a very positive outcome.

What has kept you at POYNTING Antennas for the last 13 years?

Heike claims it has been the people at POYNTING who are so supportive and the wonderful atmosphere at work.

What have you gained from POYNTING?

Heike elaborated that no matter how old you are, learning does not stop. Being at POYNTING Antennas allowed her to gain a vast amount of experience and growth in her career. Heike also mentioned that through POYNTING she was able to do a few courses on imports and exports and this was beneficial in her role.

Who inspires you at POYNTING?

The logistics team inspires Heike. Janine Hamilton is a positive person and Amos Mazeli works really hard and he is someone that people can count on. Heike knows Amos Mazeli for a long period of time when he was in charge of the Warehouse.

What is your favorite work memory?

Heike’s all-time favorite work memory would have to be a Christmas party, where employees did a 4X4 driving course. Seeing everyone relaxed and having fun was exciting.

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