During April we had the opportunity to be present at one of the largest European exhibitions in the coaches and buses industry. BUS2BUS was in Germany and the focus was on technological navigation solutions and sustainability.

ALLNET, one of our important partners, presented turnkey solutions to promote an expert and 360 degree service. Together with brands such as POYNTING, OES-LINE and SIERRA WIRELESS, we presented at this event a direct solution for all customers who want to connect on buses and coaches. Tjeerd Huitema and Birger Hillaert from Poynting Europe was proud to present our most sought-after antennas in this market: PUCK and MIMO-3 Series. These are the antennas that give competitive advantage when it comes to connectivity within buses and coaches.

The PUCK Antennas Series is a smaller sized (minor impact on the aesthetics of the coach), ultra-versatile, antenna. It has an anti-vandalism design, to top it’s IK10 ruggedness certification. Called a series, as there are different antenna models within this series, ranging from single cellular, the PUCK-1, to 2 x Cellular + 2 x Wi-Fi + 1 x GPS, the PUCK-5.

The MIMO-3 Antennas Series take advantage of their bigger sizes to deliver best in-class performance on the lower frequencies!

Around 2 000 visitors from 25 countries informed themselves about the latest trends in the bus and coach industry, with a focus on sustainability through technological innovations.

The atmosphere was overwhelming and once again underlined how much the industry has missed personal encounters – because bus business is people business.

ICT EVENT: organized by ALLNET

During June our German partner ALLNET organized an ICT Day event that brings together the most technological companies in Europe to show the market the best that is done in each sector! Tjeerd Huitema and Birger Hillaert from Poynting Europe introduced new products and highlighted star products in the market.

Two of the products that we will be launching soon had a soft launch at ICT! So, it couldn’t be better. The FWA market is a demanding market and there is nothing better than launching this type of products at an event like that!

We want to thank ALLNET for the opportunity to present at this event!

New Partners

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We are excited that Eurodistribution, a new partner in Belgium, will be stocking Poynting antennas. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the distribution of wireless communication solutions.

From a broad product portfolio in the field of consumer electronics in the retail trade & care sector, to extensive project support and technical knowledge for professional radiocom & antenna applications, you can always count on the commercial and technical knowledge of the Eurodistribution team.


“Because we have been specialized in wireless communications & antenna technology for 40 years, and because we want to contribute with our knowledge to the evolution towards the wireless connected world of the future full of smartlife, IOT & connected applications where fast and reliable wireless connections are essential.” – Joshua Vanoverschelde

As a stock-holding distributor, they can quickly supply and deliver in the Benelux. Sales are also only made to resellers with no direct sales to end customers

Birger Hillaert will be the Sales Account Manager who will guide this partner, assist with training and satisfying all the needs of the Belgian market.

NAYA, based in Monaco is now a Poynting partner. They focus on telecommunications and mobile radio and satellite services in the land, aeronautical and maritime fields.

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In 2008, the Monegasque Government wished to perpetuate the influence of the Principality of MONACO on the maritime world. They entrusted NAYA with the task of continuing the dissemination of weather information and bulletins by HF and VHF radio through the maritime radio station known worldwide to seafarers under the name MONACO RADIO. The MONACO RADIO station, created by Sovereign Ordinance of HSH Prince Rainier III in 1967, therefore continues its mission of supporting sailors.

As the world of mobile communications is constantly changing, NAYA provides you with its experience in INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, THURAYA, VSAT, GSM, TV, etc. satellite services and systems and makes you benefit from the latest technological developments on the market, as well as only the best price offers.

NAYA, with 15 years of experience, is your single point of contact, it offers services as diverse as sales, installation, monitoring and subscriptions to systems corresponding to your needs.

Birger Hillaert, from Poynting Europe, would like to welcome Frederic Ferrua and the NAYA team and will be assisting with training and satisfying all the needs of the Monegasque market.

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