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The #POYNTING #Marine and #Coastal Antennas were on show at #POLBOAT by our Polish partners – ACO Solutions and WiLink.

POLBOAT – The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports was established in Warsaw and the show took place from 21 to 24 July 2022. This was the third edition of the #PolBoat Yachting Festival.


May we be more ORANGE than ever!

During 3 immersive days we planned what the next 365 days of POYNTING in Europe will look like. We strive to achieve long-term goals and we won’t lose that motivation! We will take it forward and with all our colleagues we will achieve the goals we set ourselves. There were many shared plans related to product, strategy, focus-markets, business development and marketing strategy.

In the Portuguese capital we had the opportunity to strengthen our relationship and decide what the next year holds in store for us.

Tjeerd Huitema’s feedback: The POYNTING Team Lisbon event was a huge success, and we had a great time. This was important for us as a team to align, work on team spirit and make important decisions on how we will try to best serve markets with a personal human and individual approach, working together to achieve profitable growth.

A special thanks to all Team members who participated.  We say farewell to Aris Tsianakas who has decided to pursue further challenges outside of POYNTING. We would like to thank him very much for his positive contributions and wish him success in both in his professional career and personal life.

Francisca Cateto’s feedback: These 3 days of immersion favours collaboration and integration amongst the team with a positive impact on long-term productivity. It also contributes to improving the organizational climate and enhancing employee talent.

Hugo Carvalho’s feedback: Getting the team together, isolated from outer distractions, was crucial to get everyone to share their thoughts, views and strategies for addressing what is going-on and what lies ahead. For me, it was a great opportunity to learn and challenge my own beliefs. I’m sure the time invested will pay its dividends!

Birger Hillaert’s feedback: Creating an environment where all thoughts are accepted to be equal and of added value can only come from Human leadership.

Combining this with an awesome TEAM only leaves you with a very energetic feeling and enthusiasm about this company in the years to come!

John Hoeven’s feedback: what an amazing meeting, only the second time that we have met face-to-face without a screen in between and what a synergy and power! Great ideas came out of this session and I look forward to sharing this with our partners and growing POYNTING Europe even more!

On the way to our fast growth

CRM software can help companies organize their contacts, projects, and marketing campaigns efficiently, saving them time and making their lives easier. This scenario accurately describes the POYNTING GROUP. So, we asked their managing director, Tjeerd Huitema, and their marketing manager, Francisca Cateto, why they chose eWay-CRM and how it helped them.

According to your site you are one of the world’s leading innovators of antenna products. Could you describe your business in more detail?

POYNTING innovates, designs, and manufactures integrated antenna solutions primarily for wireless high speed data applications within the telecommunication, broadcast, and consumer market.

The company is headquartered in South Africa, but we also have branches in Europe and the USA and production plants in South Africa and in China. Today, the POYNTING team consists of around 100 people.

When did you start looking for a new CRM system?

We have been looking for a CRM system since 2017 in quotation to have better and more information to follow and track customers and projects. We looked at several options at that time and did not find a suitable solution..  In 2019, we again started looking at various options.

Did you have any specific requirements?

We wanted to have complete integration with Outlook, which is our base working system, and something that would not have too much of an impact on the working methods of the team. The system would require a user-friendly interface with selective options and also enhance admin, document completion and information retention. We also wanted a direct emailing list for email distribution to various target groups and customers, which is also GDPR compliant.

How did you come across eWay-CRM?

We did an extensive internet search and looked at customer ratings. eWay-CRM is a complete CRM platform that contains all the tools for our fast growth as a worldwide group of companies!

Could you describe how the eWay-CRM was implemented? Did you need any specific help with it?

eWay-CRM supported us with training and system setup. We discussed our requirements and reached a level of understanding about what we want and what the system can and should do.

I assume that your industry is very specific. Have you done any customizations in eWay-CRM?

We do have customizations to facilitate some aspects of our business, but these are still within the standard modifications that eWay-CRM supports. The eWay-CRM team has been very supportive.

Your company operates in markets around the world. Is eWay-CRM a suitable solution according to the size of your company? How big is the team that uses it now?

POYNTING has several branches. We use the system across Europe, the United States and South Africa for our Sales Teams and Marketing Departments. The Sales Teams use eWay-CRM every day for special offers, communication tracking, for relationship management, and to gather all the information related to bigger projects. For marketing purposes, we use eWay-CRM to report on KPIs, tracking customer interactions, sending and tracking newsletters, and email marketing activities.

We currently have 10+ users. For our company, the functionality offered is good.

Which modules do you use in eWay-CRM?

We use Sales, Contacts & Companies, Projects, and Marketing. We are thinking of expanding it to include Products.

Which features are crucial for you and why?

Marketing campaigns, projects, and a contact management system. This allows us to track and trace and have tools to create demand in various markets.

Do you plan to expand the use of eWay-CRM with additional features in the future?

As mentioned previously, we are thinking of incorporating the products module and set up a project registration module.

And what are your company’s plans in general?

POYNTING Antennas offers connectivity solutions for cellular, Wi-Fi, LoraWan, Helium and RFID. We focus on niche broadband antenna solutions which provide a lot of added value to life through establishing a stable, reliable and consistent connection between machines and people. We hope to convince many more users that POYNTING Antennas solutions are critical in daily life and really help to connect and reduce the total cost of ownership. We plan further expansion and growth in various markets and regions with the ambition of becoming the go-to antenna solution provider in selected markets such as mining and tunneling, marine, mobility and IoT.

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