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RFI Technology Solutions and POYNTING Antennas Announce Distribution Agreement

RFI Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (“RFI”) and POYNTING Antennas (Pty) Ltd (“POYNTING”) are pleased to announce their new distribution agreement for POYNTING’s range of antennas in the Australian and New Zealand markets. This agreement further strengthens RFI’s customer antenna product offering particularly in the areas of cellular marine, and mining.

Under the terms of the agreement, RFI will distribute POYNTING’s range of antennas across Australia and New Zealand, providing customers with access to high-quality antennas that are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding conditions found in these industries. RFI has a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional product quality, customer service and support, and this partnership will enable customers to access POYNTING’s products alongside RFI’s extensive range of complementary products.

“We are delighted to be partnering with POYNTING to distribute their range of high-quality antennas in Australia and New Zealand,” said Scott Magee, CEO, of RFI Technology Solutions. “This partnership allows us to further extend our offering of antennas and strengthen our position as a leading supplier of communication solutions in these industries.”

The agreement is part of RFI’s strategy to provide their customers with a broader antenna product offering allowing RFI to expand further into Mining, Marine and Wi-Fi sectors.

Ian Ferrett, Antenna Product Manager at RFI, added, “Similar to RFI, POYNTING has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, ruggedized antennas that are designed to perform in the toughest environments, our businesses are incredibly aligned in this regard, and adding their products to our portfolio, we believe that our customers will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

“We are excited to partner with RFI, who are well-established and trusted in the Australian and New Zealand markets, with an excellent reputation for customer service and support,” said Stephen Froneman, CEO of POYNTING Antennas. “This partnership will enable us to expand our brand presence in these regions and confidently bring our products to a much wider customer base.”

The agreement is effective immediately, and RFI will be offering POYNTING’s range of antennas through their website and sales channels.

For more information on RFI Technology Solutions and POYNTING Antennas, please visit their respective websites.

RFI Technology Solutions – RFI designs and manufactures global technology solutions from manufacturing facilities in Victoria and South Australia.  We have Australia’s largest RF products manufacturing facility, producing world class antennas, multicoupling systems and active electronics products for both the domestic and international markets, and we are the only Australian manufacturer of feature-rich rebroadcast system products, which are deployed in tunnels throughout ANZ.

POYNTING Antennas design & manufacture technically excellent wideband antennas for 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE and WIFI. POYNTING is one of the world’s leading innovators of antenna products and owns more than 50 patents and designs, used widely in its unique antenna solutions.

The same pedigree reflects on POYNTING’S people, who include both graduate as well as professional registered engineers. Their qualifications include doctorate level expert knowledge of the technology and the industry, feeding deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of electromagnetics, RF propagation, antenna design and development.

Servicing customers across the globe, POYNTING’s culture of innovation and problem-solving delivers the most robust and effective antenna solutions on the market.

Australian visit

Outback Marine was showcasing our complete range of #Marine and #Coastal antennas at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show that took place in Queensland, Australia in May.  Alwyn Bester from POYNTING Antennas attended the show and met with the Outback Marine and Powertec Wireless Technology.

He also used the opportunity to meet with David de Haaij from RF Shop Australia who is a true ambassador of our products and regularly releases great education RF content featuring our antennas on his YouTube Channel.

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