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We at POYNTING want to welcome Sofia Alexiou to the POYNTING Europe team. Read more about the wide variety of events and training days that took place in Europe during the last couple of months.

New to the Team
Sofia Alexiou

Hello, my name is Sofia Alexiou, I am I’m the newly appointed Sales Account Manager SEE | Turkey & CIS Parts. I am very excited to be a member of the POYNTING Antennas team. Changing my career path is a great opportunity, to contribute my enthusiasm and my experience with all team members.

My passion is sales aligned with valuable customer satisfaction. I have finished my degree in Engineering at the University of Piraeus (Greece) in 2007. After that, I was working at in sales in at several multinational companies taking looking after industries & IoT. Moreover, evolution of technology is my passion and I always find time to read about new trends in all markets.

Furthermore, I love travelling and occasionally organize short trips with my friends and family. Our dream is to one day to visit Asia and discover new cultures and arts. Travelling for me is the best way to recharge my batteries. I also enjoy theater, musicals, and ballet events and almost once a month I attend which makes me feel amazing!

I am so enthusiastic about working for POYNTING Antennas and with my colleagues I look forward to start “travelling” on projects and ideas to succeed together for the greatest results!

Cradlepoint Event

The Cradlepoint EMEA organisation Team Benelux and Nordics were so kind to invite POYNTING Antennas Europe represented by Mr. John Hoeven, Business Development Manager and Managing Director Mr. Tjeerd Huitema to attend the business partner meeting in Leusden near Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

More than 50 representatives of various partner companies of Cradlepoint attended a very interesting meeting in which Cradlepiont informed its partners about upcoming plans in terms of product and strategy. With various products and case studies, the critical importance of the POYNTING antenna solutions in combination of with Cradlepoint 4G and 5G router solutions was demonstrated to the business partners.

POYNTING Aantennas informed all present during special sessions on how to choose the best antenna for the application. POYNTING antennas in combination with Cradlepoint routers provide the best possible solution where POYNTING antennas ensure the connection to the mobile network is stable, reliable and consistent.

A special thanks to the Cradlepoint team for having us! If you want to know more about Cradlepoint router/modem solutions or POYNTING antenna solutions then, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] for more information. We will be happy to advice advise you and contact you with the right contact persons.put you in contact with the right person to assist you.

Router brand: CRADLEPOINT
Date: 9 of November 2022
Where: Netherlands
PE Team: Tjeerd Huitema and John Hoeven

NETXL Installer’s Day

“Ended up a brilliant meeting point, where we had the opportunity to talk, and learn more from both installers and system integrators, as well as from the router and AP manufacturers. From the installers and system integrators, who are on the ground deploying our solutions day in day out, we learned and shared, experiences and details on real use-cases. From the other manufacturers, we all got the opportunity to see where the industry is going and how POYNTING can cooperate collaborate with them to make their technology work at its prime. A very warm space for sharing about the present and looking at the future.”, Hugo Carvalho

Partner: NETXL
Country: United Kingdom
Day: 2 November 2022
Goal: This installer day is a great opportunity to spend time with top installers and expand the knowledge on networking, smart home and fixed wireless access.
PE Team: Hugo Carvalho and Francisca Cateto promoted the POYNTING brand across the top installers from United Kingdom.

Products that we displayed:

Products that we displayed:

Azimut “Antenna Day in Barcelona”

“This was a brilliant day, spent with installers who are supporting vessels from in all sizes. Some with an advanced cellular know-how already, others on their way to it. Overall, we discussed relevant aspects which have an impact on maritime cellular connectivity, and how to make it super stable and reliable. A lot of good questions and discussions, with very practical implications. We had the opportunity to present and discuss both the RIPPLE and the WaveHunter, antennas which will surely are going to make a strong impact on the Spanish market in the years to come!”

Partner: AZIMUT
Date: 24 of November 2022
Where: Barcelona, Spain
How many people? Almost 20 people

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