After three years of persevering, Juan Potgieter and family landed in the USA this September!
Juan gives us a quick view of the trials and tribulations they experienced as a family during this exciting time.

Three years ago, I had a dream to move my family over to the USA and with the help and support from Andre Fourie, Alexia Lindquist, and the rest of the Poynting Team our dream finally became a reality on September 21, 2022. We opened the US branch last year in March 2021 but with the current backlogs on Visas at the US embassy in South Africa we had to go to Botswana to obtain our documents. A Story for another day.

With our tickets booked for the USA, all we needed to do was pack our bags. Our house and all other goods were sold, and we were ready to go. Trying to fit everything you own into 9 suitcases after collecting things for 20 years was a huge challenge. We a Arrived at the hotel after 25 hours in transit. 

9 Suitcases containing 20 years of South African Experiences.

The first two weeks were hectic. We had to get our children enrolled into school, ensuring they comply with the USA and Texas District schooling rules and regulations, bought a car not having a credit score yet and trying to drive on the righthand side of the road was crazy. Finally finding accommodation, furnishing the place, and ensuring that it was suitable for my family. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, but we made it, and we are finally settling in and finding our feet.
We already miss our family and friends, but we are excited to start this journey and experience new things, travel more,  make memories and grow Poynting into a well-known brand in the USA.

Potgieter family arriving on USA soil.

Yougest Potgieter son at his first day of school.

Oldest Son’s first day at school.

The Potgieter’s first USA car.

USA BBQ no, Braai

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