Our MIMO-3 Antenna Improved 4G, GPS And WIFI From Chatteris To Tokyo!

We have followed Dan and Dave, their tough little Toyota Yaris equipped with the POYNTING multifunctional 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi , MIMO-3 antenna that kept them in touch while driving through some of the most remote areas you can think of. Yes, they completed their 12,500-mile trip from Chatteris in Cambridgeshire, to Tokyo in October (13,884 miles through 22 different countries, 59 days). The drive took them through 22 countries on some of the world’s most challenging roads and roughest terrain, cutting through deserts, mountains and rivers.

This was all done to benefit the BBC’s Children in Need Charity. With this trip, they smashed their donation target and contributed over four thousand pounds to this fund. The online donation page is still active if you wish to donate towards their cause.

Dan and Dave had a look at all the highlights of their trip and put it together in this short video which gives an overview of this unique and exciting venture.  Have a look at the POYNTING antenna (MIMO-3) that is mounted on the roof of car. This antenna was linked to a Slingshot CloudCase® which allowed them to stay in touch. Both commented the antenna solutions:


“Hi Tjeerd (MD at POYNTING Europe GmbH), both the POYNTING antenna and the CloudCase is working faultlessly. It’s been our saviour on many occasions and I don’t know what we would have done without it to be honest! Haha”

The end of an exciting adventure for Dan & Dave and Larry the Yaris!

More about POYNTING MiMo-3-V2-15 antenna and the Slingshot CloudCase® here.

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