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KnowIT exhibited at the Sicurezza event in Milan


Know IT exhibited at this year’s Sicurezza 2019 event at the Fiera Milano, Rho in Italy from 13-15 Nov. The event brought together leaders from all aspects of the Security & Fire sector, focusing on solutions, integration, and innovation. Thank you to Riccardo Cavallieri and the team from KnowIT for showing what we offer.

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Jack Zhong visits POYNTING

We were very honored to welcome, Jack Zhong, Operations Manager of our production partner in China to POYNTING Head Office in the beginning of October. We have a long partnership and many of our engineers and logistics employees have been welcomed to their premises in Shenzhen, China. Now it was our turn to return the hospitality.

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Frontier exhibited at Metstrade in Amsterdam

METSTRADE is the largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems in the world and was held in Amsterdam this November. Frontier Computer Corporation BV exhibited our antennas as part of their Maritime Hybrid Connectivity Solutions at this prestigious show. Frontier delivers Peplink routers, POYNTING antennas and Mondicon data bundles and offer exceptional technical support.

Thanks to Richard Koenders and his team for a great job in representing us

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Jack had the opportunity to meet the POYNTING team and visit our offices and the engineering laboratory in Samrand. When work was done we visited Vilakazi Street in Soweto and gave him a taste of African wildlife at the Lion Park. He tried a variety of South African dishes at a South-African Braai where he could meet some of the team’s families.

Hope to see you again soon, Jack.


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