The POYNTING LPDA-500 Antenna. Building on a Legacy

We have been successfully selling our flagship LPDA antenna since the early 2000s. First known as the LPDA-21, LPDA-44 and most recently the LPDA-92. This antenna just improves with age. Need reception in remote areas? This is the antenna for you!

We have been successfully selling our flagship LPDA antenna since the early 2000s. First known as the LPDA-21, then the LPDA-44 and most recently the LPDA-92. This antenna just improves with age. Initially it was used by farmers in very remote regions of South Africa to improve cell phone and internet quality. In later years we exported the LPDA’s to Australia and the Americas where vast open stretches of land, requires a beast of an antenna!

The most noticeable improvements that have been made to this latest LPDA is on the frequency band and the mounting bracket.

The LPDA-500 operates from 617 to 7200 MHz and this ultra-wideband coverage includes current and future 5G cellular bands, as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6E bands. The antenna achieves a peak gain of 11dBi across a wideband of operation, making the antenna ideal for the deployment of either cellular or Wi-Fi applications.

Mounting Upgrade

The mounting bracket has been completely redesigned with MIMO technology in mind. It can be rotated at 45° intervals which allows for ease of installation. You will be able to mount multiple LPDA-500 antennas and orientate them in a MIMO configuration, i.e. vertical and horizontal or ±45°.

What do you get?

  • Uni-directional 5G/LTE outdoor antenna
  • Wideband frequency coverage for 5G/LTE: 617 to 7200 MHz
  • High gain antenna with a peak of 11dBi
  • Future proof 5G/LTE & Wi-Fi 6E antenna
  • Works on all cellular networks across the world, including Band 71 (617 to 698 MHz)
  • Covers the CBRS/5G Band from 3400 to 4200 MHz & future bands up to 7200 MHz
  • Covers dual-band Wi-Fi at 2.4 & 5 to 7.2 GHz
  • DC grounded to prevent static build-up discharge

Where can you use it?

  • As an outdoor antenna for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
  • Smart Environmental, Water Systems and Utilities M2M & IoT
  • Farming & Agricultural M2M & IoT
  • Oil & Gas communication systems
  • Municipal & Government systems
  • Repeaters & coverage enhancement amplifiers
  • Open pit mining

The antenna complies with the relevant CE, EN, CSA and RoHS standards as stated in our technical sheets. It is rated for temperatures from -40°C to +80°C and will survive winds of up to 160 km/h, with an impact resistance of IK08.

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