Welcome To The POYNTING Family! – André Kilian

POYNTING Group continues to expand our team, adding breadth and depth to our areas of expertise. We are excited to introduce six new employees, who have already contributed to the company.

André Kilian

Senior Industrial Developer, POYNTING Antennas
André previously worked at KM Design for 10 years as an Industrial Designer, and prior to that he worked at the University of the Free State for 10 years as an IT Manager. As you can see, he tends to stick around for 10 years at a time! André grew up in Bloemfontein where he completed his N Dip in Mechanical Engineering, and where he met his wife (Carine) whom he’s been married to for 11 years. They moved to Gauteng in 2007 and have never looked back. They have a lovely daughter, Megan, who started school this year.

André joined POYNTING in September and looks forward to making many friends as well as adding value by designing products that are exceptionally functional, yet also aesthetically pleasing.
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