Wheels of Hope – Cycling for a Cause

How did it begin?

In 2014, Shayne Rookhuyzen embarked on an extraordinary adventure, cycling an astonishing 11,000 kilometers from Cairo to Cape Town.

Not only did he conquer the challenging terrain, but he also raised an impressive €28,984.86 for SOSA Support, a charitable organization dedicated to aiding orphans and vulnerable children in Southern Africa. Fast forward to 2024, on the 10th anniversary of his monumental ride, Shayne is gearing up for another inspiring journey.

March 2024 marks the commencement of Shayne's latest cycling endeavor, this time alongside his cycle partner, Esther Labohm. Their route will take them from Nairobi to Cape Town, traversing through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia, covering approximately 6,500 kilometers. The goal? To raise an ambitious €60,000 for SOSA Support, amplifying their impact on the lives of children in need.

A Journey of Compassion

Shayne and Esther's cycling journey will culminate at Ocean View High School in May 2024. Their tireless dedication and unwavering commitment serve as a beacon of hope for countless children in Southern Africa. But who exactly is SOSA, the organization they are supporting?


“Stichting SOSA - Support Orphans in Southern Africa” was founded by South African JP Skinner and his Dutch wife, Renate Vink, in 2006. Since its inception, the organization has been dedicated to collecting donations and second-hand children's clothing in the Netherlands, providing essential aid to orphans and vulnerable children across Southern Africa. What sets SOSA apart is its unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability.

SOSA ensures that 100% of donations directly benefit the children they serve. There are no hidden costs; every euro contributed goes towards providing essential support and resources. Moreover, SOSA operates with the invaluable assistance of volunteers, including ambassadors and board members, who selflessly dedicate their time and effort to making a difference.

How can you help?

The impact of Shayne and Esther's journey extends beyond the kilometers they cycle. You too can join the cause by supporting SOSA. Donations can be made online through their website, ensuring that every contribution directly impacts the lives of children in need. Visit SOSA Support's donation page to make a difference today.

Partnerships in Action: POYNTING Cares

In addition to individual contributions, corporate partnerships play a crucial role in supporting charitable endeavors. POYNTING Antennas, a leading provider of RF solutions, proudly supports Wheels of Hope 2.0 and SOSA. We provide financial assistance and essential hardware to improve connectivity in remote areas on their trip.

To ensure connectivity during their journey through remote regions, Shayne and Esther rely on a Celerway Communication GO router, coupled with two POYNTING OMNI-85 antennas.

These antennas, renowned for their wideband and omni-directional capabilities, offer comprehensive coverage across existing #4G/#LTE frequencies and anticipated #5G frequency bands. Given the need for portability without compromising signal strength, they prioritized compactness and lightweight design in both the router and antennas, ensuring enhanced connectivity in the most remote areas they pass through.

Follow Their Journey

Curious to witness Shayne and Esther's adventure firsthand? Follow their journey on Polarsteps, where they document their travels and share highlights along the way. Join them as they pedal towards a brighter future for the children of Southern Africa. Follow their trip on Polarsteps and be a part of their inspiring mission.

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