Poynting Antennas NEW Quick Guide

The April 2021 update of the POYNTING Antennas Quick Guide is now available to download and in a printable format. This quick guide gives the essential information needed to select an antena. In the example below you will see that you will find the product code, product photos, industries where the antenna can be used, as well as the key electrical or mechanical specifications of the antenna. Below the application image you will see the “Product at a Glance” icons that shows which technologies and frequency bands are covered.

A shorter summary can be found on the one-page overview of our antennas on our website. This is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese:

Click on any of the products to go to the product pages on our website. Here you will get a full Technical Specification sheet by clicking on the TS DOCUMENT button:

Click here to view the pageable Quick Guide 

Click here to download the New Quick Guide

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