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Employee retention needs to be a priority for any organisation, as the cost of losing top talent can be detrimental. With the new normal of remote work, employees generally have a variety of potential employers to look at to accommodate their specific interests and skills. We have found that in a time where we have witnessed a difficult labour market, POYNTING has sought to go above and beyond in its retention efforts. Human Resources along with the organisation’s leaders have embraced the need to develop strategies that impact positively on employee retention.

The question is then posed: What is POYNTING doing right that encourages employees to choose to remain with the organisation? Some of our current retention methods are explored below.

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic the organization has strived to maintain job security of its employees, which has only strengthened the trust and loyalty of its employees and promoted the organization’s long-term sustainability.

Further to this, the organization aims to develop and promote employees internally in quotation to support people in achieving their career aspirations. Funding of external training is a common practice in quotation to upskill employees and encourage growth. POYNTING continuously aims to reward and recognize employees who have proven themselves valuable to the organization.

Since the commencement of the initial lockdown due to Covid-19 in April 2020, POYNTING has supported the need in embracing a work from home culture where possible, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees and their families.

In a work from home environment, trust and self-motivation are of the utmost importance, which is why POYNTING looks at integrity and resilience as vital characteristics in the talent that is sourced and retained by the organization.  We also find the employees greatly appreciate the opportunity to reduce their risk of contracting the virus, avoid long commutes to work, and take time to assist family members who may have contracted the virus, creating an overall better work-life balance.

POYNTING recognizes the need to support employees in promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle to uplift the culture of the workplace, build resilience of its employees and improve the employee value proposition. The organization currently provides benefits through an external provider for employees, to assist with mental wellbeing to reduce stress. The benefits include counselling for employees and their direct family members, emergency health services, as well as legal and financial support.

Some employees have also embraced the need for physical wellness by engaging in competitive tracking of physical wellness through membership of a virtual platform, which promotes employee engagement.

POYNTING went further this year to show appreciation to employees by providing branded jackets, beanies and buffs during the cold winter months and arranging coffee and muffin sessions to keep the flow of engagement between employees who have predominately been working from home.

POYNTING leadership embraces the need to be inclusive of self-starters, diversity and creative thinking within their teams. Our leaders encourage training and upskilling individuals to allow them to utilize their individuality in the implementation of their work. The leaders set the pace by setting clear goals and targets and allow employees the necessary freedom to achieve their objectives within these guidelines.

POYNTING has easily embraced the use of technology in the remote work culture and virtual creative or strategic sessions are encouraged and done on a weekly basis within designated teams to promote collaborative thinking and knowledge sharing. Our leadership understands the need for new and useful ideas to achieve the strategic goals of the business and exceptional results.

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