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The dependence on wireless connectivity by industries, businesses and everyday operations brings a need to extend seamless communication beyond conventional indoor spaces like homes and offices. Antennas play a pivotal role in increasing the range of wireless communication, and that is why POYNTING is committed to developing innovative and robust solutions, breaking the boundaries imposed by traditional communication systems.

Product presentation

Our EPNT product range seeks to achieve this by combining high performance antennas with a CPE enclosure capable of creating connectivity from a single point. These antennas can accommodate the router internally, dismissing the need for long coaxial cables that introduce losses and negatively impact the system’s operation.


Besides achieving a higher performance, this easy-to-install solution enables quicker and more efficient deployments, that are highly accessible without the need for substantial technical expertise. The EPNT is also a great solution to ensure backup connectivity and the added flexibility made possible by the absence of coaxial cables, grants the possibility of installing the antenna virtually anywhere, without cable restrictions.

This versatility brings a great advantage into network planning, providing a practical solution for outdoor and other temporary applications. Furthermore, the reduced complexity of this approach results in fewer stock spares, easier maintenance, troubleshooting and repair and reduced costs overall.

All these benefits come with an additional increase in performance, contrary to other conventional approaches. Cross-polarized antennas with 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO practically doubles and four-folds data throughput, while maintaining reliable connections. With the rapid development of 5G and the widespread use of higher frequency bands, the cable losses prevented by this solution becomes even more relevant to preserve signal’s integrity.

Overall, this solution results in better signal levels, with higher speeds, lower latencies, and a better quality of service for consumers.


Whether it is to boost signal strength for remote working in rural areas, or for IoT applications in smart agriculture and smart city implementations that require interconnecting sensors, surveillance cameras, remote monitoring, and emergency systems. The EPNT antennas are also highly suitable for temporary applications, where the cost and resources to deploy complex solutions can be prevented. Construction sites, concerts, festivals, sports events, markets and other outdoor events can all take advantage of these antennas, to deploy a quick, efficient, centralized solution that is versatile and highly adaptable.

Mechanical features

The EPNT’s sleek and stylish design does not call to question the device’s ruggedness. The high-quality build material makes the EPNT saltwater protected, vandal and weatherproof with options with IP67/IP65 and IK10/IK08 rating. These antennas are rated for temperatures from -40°C to +80°C and will survive winds of up to 220 km/h making them fit to operate in extreme weather environments like vessels and offshore platforms, mining, pipelines, oil rigs, harbors and other applications with limited accessibility and where driving cables can be an inconvenient approach.

 All these benefits come hand-in-hand with a low complexity solution, easily accessible without burdensome installation procedures, easy maintenance, allied with higher data throughputs and overall increased performance.

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