MIMO-4: The Ultimate Antenna for Transportation and IoT/M2M

Introducing our MIMO-4 antenna range – perfect for transportation, IoT/M2M, and more! It offers high performance, versatility, and a low-profile design, making it ideal for various applications.

The MIMO-4 range includes various options for MIMO 5G Cellular, MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS/GLONASS, all in one enclosure. This makes it a very versatile antenna solution that can be used in transportation and automotive, IoT/M2M, Smart Meters and Utilities, and marine & coastal deployments.

The flagship antenna of this range is the MIMO-4-19, which offers a 9-in-1 antenna solution with 4×4 MIMO Cellular, 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS/GLONASS. The cellular antennas provide ultra-wideband coverage from 617 to 6000 MHz, making them fully 5G compatible and future proof.

The MIMO-4 range is designed to be used in various industries such as transportation and automotive, farming, and agricultural automation, industrial factory automation, mining vehicles, machinery communications, and more. The radiation patterns of all radiating elements provide an excellent balance between omni-directionality, pattern diversity, and beam steering at the desired elevation.

The MIMO-4 range comes in a new enclosure that offers a low-profile design and compact size of Ø160 mm x 65 mm. The enclosure is rugged and durable, with an IP69K ingress protection rating and an IK10 impact rating, making it ideal for harsh environments.

Installation is easy with multiple mounting options, including vertical pole mount, horizontal pole mount, magnetic mount, wall mount, surface mount, and marine mount.

If you want more information about POYNTING’s MIMO-4 antenna range, contact your nearest POYNTING partner.

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