The EPNT Series – A flexible way of ramping up revenue and meeting customer needs for Resellers & System Integrators

As wireless communication takes over industries, businesses and private applications, there is a profound necessity to extend connectivity to more challenging environments. Given the limitations of conventional approaches, the demand for robust and high-performance solutions becomes critical for such applications. POYNTING’s EPNT range of antennas presents itself as the ideal fit, by bridging the gap between seamless communication and challenging environments, to deliver an efficient, practical, and cost-effective solution.

Product presentation

More than an external antenna, the EPNT is a CPE solution that can house the router internally, providing an innovative method to ensure wireless communication in the most remote environments. By dismissing the need for coaxial cables, this approach decreases the cable losses and delivers a better performance than other standard solutions. The internal antennas are cross polarized, offering 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO, which further improves connectivity, tackling polarization mismatches and providing an increased data throughput.


With faster and easier set up requirements, the EPNT antennas optimize the installation process by requiring less time, reduced hardware, and lower associated costs. This flexible solution enables the freedom to install the antenna virtually anywhere, without having to conform to cable restrictions, which facilitates system engineering and solution design.

Compatible with a variety of router models, from different brands, the EPNT antennas can be easily integrated into complete solutions, adding value to the service being provided to the end-customer. Besides increasing the product portfolio and allowing our partners to compete with full outdoor solutions, distributors have the added benefit of selling additional services (router plus antenna) and offer the staging of the entire solution.

EPNT vs outdoor outers

Unlike outdoor routers which need to juggle many functionalities, often resulting in range limitations, the EPNT antennas are designed and optimized to provide the best coverage for the supported frequencies. On outdoor routers, the focus on durability and resistance, while simultaneously looking to fulfill other technological requirements, may impose limits to the router’s performance, which usually comes at higher costs. With the EPNT antennas, one can benefit from having the freedom to combine routers for varying budgets and application requirements to create a reliable and flexible solution fit to different needs. 

Mechanical features

The antennas are fit to be used in highly corrosive environments, including chemical and toxic environments, thanks to the UV stable ASA radome material. This makes it ideal for offshore and maritime applications, farming, mining and other environments with adverse weather conditions.

With our EPNT antennas, a full outdoor resolution is easily attainable, constituting a practical plug-and-play solution for the end customer.

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