What are the 4 Best WIFI Solutions for your SuperYacht?

Whether you own or are managing a charter yacht, fast internet is crucial. Guests will expect to have fast and reliable internet access while they are on board. This is particularly true if the yacht is being used for a business or corporate charter, as guests will likely need to stay connected to their work while on board. Additionally, guests may want to use the internet for personal use, such as for social media, streaming video, or making phone calls. Having fast internet on board will help to ensure that guests are satisfied with their experience and that they are able to stay connected while on the yacht.

What are the best WIFI Solutions for your Yacht?

Cellular-based WiFi:

This solution utilizes cellular networks to provide wireless internet access on board. It is a reliable and easy to set up option, and can be used in most locations worldwide.

Satellite-based WiFi:

This solution uses a satellite connection to provide wireless internet access on board. It is ideal for yachts that are frequently in remote locations, and can offer faster speeds than cellular-based options.


This solution uses multiple wireless access points to create a seamless, high-speed wireless network on board. It is ideal for larger yachts and can provide coverage in all areas of the vessel.

Hybrid WiFi:

This solution combines the strengths of both cellular and satellite-based WiFi options to provide a more reliable and faster internet experience on board.

Overall, internet access on a boat provides convenience and comfort for the users, allowing them to stay connected, informed and entertained while on the water.

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