What equipment do you need for internet on your boat?

Have you considered getting an internet connection on your boat or yacht? Below is a list of items you will have to purchase to install LTE or 4G internet on your vessel.

  1. A cellular modem: This is used to connect to a cellular network and provide internet access to the router.
  2. A high-gain marine antenna: This is used to pick up a wireless signal from a nearby shore-based network.
  3. A wireless router: This is used to create a local network on the boat and distribute internet access to devices connected to it.
  4. Cabling: This is used to connect the antenna, router, and modem together.
  5. Power supply: This is used to provide power to the router, modem, and other equipment.
  6. A computer or other device to test the internet connection and troubleshoot any problems.
  7. An additional option is a backup internet connection via satellite.
  8. A VPN service can also be used to encrypt your internet connection and protect your privacy while online.

This is a very basic list of requirements that is needed to install cellular internet on your boat or yacht.

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