6 Reasons to use Internet on your Boat in the UK

Boating and sailing are popular pastimes in the UK and owning a boat or yacht can be a way for people to enjoy these activities and explore the country’s waterways. Although you want to be able to get away from it all, while on your vessel, a good internet...

What equipment do you need for internet on your boat

 Have you considered getting an internet connection on your boat or yacht? Below is a list of items you will have to purchase to install LTE or 4G internet on your vessel. A cellular modem: This is used to connect to a cellular network and provide internet access to...

What are the 4 best WIFI solutions for your Yacht

Whether you own or are managing a charter yacht, fast internet is crucial. Guests will expect to have fast and reliable internet access while they are on board. This is particularly true if the yacht is being used for a business or corporate charter, as guests will...


“…Poynting has made a solid impression with me, which I will not forget. Great mounting, great cable management and SMA plastic easy grip covers, nice feel, I even tried to take one apart for fun but stopped as I saw the (looks like) expanding foam inside and didn’t want to destroy it. Even the darn instruction manual and cut out mounting template was well thought out.

In summary, I have working with many antennas, and you little one left a pucking great impression, of you’ll pardon the pun.“