Into 2022 … and beyond!

What an exciting year for the POYNTING Team. The 2nd year of working remotely went much smoother than the first and we are all getting used to Teams meetings with partners and colleagues from all over the world.
In 2021 we opened an office in the USA and our European team more than doubled in size. South African production, logistics and finance teams courageously battled international supply and logistics constraints to supply more antennas than ever before.
Andre wrote a letter where he hints to what is being planned for 2022 – have a look below. To quote his wish for all of us: “Do things, take risks and be happy regardless of failure or success.”

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An Introduction to PIM (Passive Intermodulation) & why PIM is / is not of concern in some systems.

GETTING TO THE POYNT –ePoynt(ing) your router – FAQ

At the end of November we conducted a webinar titled: ePoynt (ing) your Router, where we discussed Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) applications.
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