Expanding for 2021 and Beyond

During January 2021 we doubled the size of our Chinese factory and increased the South African manufacturing capacity substantially. We also increased and optimised the painting and testing facilities in the factories to ensure timely supply of our expanding range of antennas. In this edition our vehicle antennas are used in interesting applications. MCS B.V in The Netherlands use our PUCK to improve the safety of road workers and our MIMO antenna is used to keep a Rally Team connected in the remote areas of Brazil. We introduce Sebatstian Pyka from Cablant, our partner in Switzerland, and say hallo to new colleagues that joined POYNTING recently.

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Video: New POYNTING Rhyno Antenna

Have a look at our POYNTING Rhyno Antenna – it is an Omni-directional, wideband LTE/5G antenna that covers the 698 – 3800 MHz band..

Seamless Connectivity at Sea for Energy Maritime Operations.

The energy sector relies on various marine vessels; Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) transport personnel and supplies to offshore platforms, research vessels contribute to scientific studies for sustainable energy practices, specialized cable-laying vessels connect...
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