6 Reasons to use Internet on your Boat in the UK

Boating and sailing are popular pastimes in the UK and owning a boat or yacht can be a way for people to enjoy these activities and explore the country’s waterways. Although you want to be able to get away from it all, while on your vessel, a good internet connection is always a good idea.

Why would you want to be connected to the internet on your boat or yacht?

Increased Connectivity:

With 4G or LTE internet on your boat or yacht, you can stay connected to the internet at all times, regardless of your location. This means you can stay in touch with friends and family, access important information, and even stream your favorite shows and movies while out at sea.

Improved Safety:

In the event of an emergency, having a reliable internet connection on your boat or yacht can be a matter of life and death. With 4G or LTE, you can quickly call for help, access weather forecasts, and stay informed about potential hazards, keeping you and your crew safe at all times.


Whether you’re on a long voyage or just spending the day on the water, having 4G or LTE internet on your boat or yacht means you can stream music, movies, and TV shows, play online games, and even access social media, all from the comfort of your own vessel.

Increased Productivity:

For those who work while out on the water, having 4G or LTE internet can be a game changer. With high-speed internet, you can access important files, stay connected to your team, and complete tasks in a timely manner, even when you’re miles away from shore.


While the initial investment in 4G or LTE internet may be high, it can ultimately save you money in the long run. With internet access on your boat or yacht, you can avoid costly marina fees, as well as the cost of traveling to shore to access the internet. Additionally, with 4G or LTE, you can avoid the need for expensive satellite internet solutions.

Remote monitoring:

Some boats equipped with internet access allow owners to remotely monitor and control various systems on their boat, such as power, lighting, and security.
In United Kingdom, 4G and LTE networks are widely available, with most major providers offering coverage in coastal areas and major waterways. For boat and yacht owners, this means that finding a reliable internet connection while out on the water is easier than ever. Whether you’re a recreational boater or a professional sailor, investing in 4G or LTE internet can greatly enhance your experience on the water. With increased connectivity, improved safety, enhanced entertainment, increased productivity, and cost-effectiveness, 4G or LTE internet is definitely worth considering for any boat or yacht owner in the United Kingdom.

Overall, internet access on a boat provides convenience and comfort for the users, allowing them to stay connected, informed and entertained while on the water.

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