All Around – The Best LTE Antennas in the World!

This might be a bold statement, but we do consider the new OMNI-293 and OMNI-493, the best omni-directional LTE/5G antennas out there. These antennas were designed for marine and terrestrial use to provide improved reception on the most popular LTE/5G cellular bands. Even though they cover a very wide band from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz (incl. the LTE Band 71 as well as the 3.5 GHz CBRS band), they were designed for superior pattern control across the entire frequency range, making them the most omni-directional omni’s around!

The exceptional omni-directional performance was achieved by the unique antenna design. Conventional antenna designs, such as an array of dipoles and other similar designs, do not provide the necessary characteristics for a wide impendence and gain bandwidth antenna, while demanding near ideal radiation patterns over the whole bandwidth. POYNTING has achieved this performance by using an innovative technology whereby the impedance, gain and radiation patterns are harmonised over the entire frequency range, providing superior performance at all its frequency bands.

Although both antennas are electrically the same, the OMNI-493 is specifically designed for marine applications and the OMNI-293 is targeted at inland environments:

• The OMNI-293 is designed according to IP65 requirements to prevent water and dust ingress while installed outdoors. This antenna is UV and weather protected and aimed at commercial, industrial, residential, and urban implementation.

• The OMNI-493 is the marine version of the same antenna, boasting an IP68 protection rating against water, making this antenna ideal for the most severe storms at sea. This marine antenna is also fully salt water protected so that it can be used in highly corrosive environments, including chemical and toxic environments thanks to the UV stable ASA radome material. This antenna is marketed to support 617 to 2700 MHz for marine applications, but also supports the 3400 to 3800 MHz CBRS frequency band when used inland.

The OMNI-293 urban antenna offers a 316-grade stainless steel L-bracket as standard (also provided with the OMNI-493). Both antennas comply with CE, EN, CSA, RoHS and IEC Standards and are rated for temperatures of -40°C to +80°C and will survive winds of up to 160 km with a rating of IK08 impact resistance.

The OMNI-493 marine antenna offers a standard 1”-14TPI marine adaptor (BRKT-40 in the box). A series of optional 316 grade stainless steel marine mounts are also available, namely the BRKT-37, BRKT-38 & BRKT-39.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information on any of these products.

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