Which low profile POYNTING antenna is suitable for my vehicle?
“Oh, I’ve just installed one of your antennas on my caravan 2 months ago and now you have brought out a better one?”

This was a question we got from one of our customers after releasing the MIMO-4 Antenna. We understand your pain and to answer your question the following.

We always strive to bring out new and improved versions of our antenna solutions. Sometimes as upgrades or expansions of existing products, and other times to provide unique solutions, where we can see a potential need arise. Rest assured that every product we make is expertly crafted and made to endure for many years, as well as what we call “futureproofing”, where we design our solutions with future technologies and advancements in mind.

We asked our engineers to compare the MIMO-3, with the new MIMO-4 Antennas. The main differentiating factors:

  • The MIMO-3 covers the 410 – 470 MHz band, which is for UHF and used for land-mobile radio. This frequency is then used for police, fire and government 2-way radio’s. The MIMO-4 doesn’t cover the 410 – 470 MHz band and offers a much more compact design.
  • The main area of focus with RF design of the MIMO-4 was to have fantastic performance in the 617 to 960 MHz band, as these frequencies are most important in rural areas where coverage is limited. This was a big challenge especially with the height being a restricting factor in the MIMO-4.
  • The MIMO-4 cellular antennas perform from 617 MHz up to 6 GHz, making it ideal for future proof deployments and being ready for 6G in the next 5 to 10 years.
  • The RF performance of the MIMO-4 is on par with the MIMO-3.
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