Why Am I Getting A Lot Of RSSI Alarms On My 5G Installations

Question: I currently install 2500MHz for 5G technology, we are getting a lot of RSSI alarms. I use low PIM loads to find the issue. Issue always appears when installed on antenna, do you have any suggestions on what it can be?


Two comments may help.

Firstly the RSSI is not the most suitable indicator to use for 4G/5G alarms since OFDM is used which is better characterised by sub-channel quality indicators such as RSRQ and RSRP.

Secondly: The noise received definitely increases when connecting an antenna because it introduces environmental noise (from other users at the frequency mostly). When using loads you only see the receiver noise which is a function of RX noise figure. Normally a directional antenna improves the quality of the received SNR since if the main beam is pointed to a base/client node that signal is amplified while noise is reduced since noise typically comes from all directions and those sources outside the main beam are significantly reduced.


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