Fixed Wireless Access Solution From Poynting Resolves Marginal Rural Telecommunication


Mashovhela Bush Lodge is situated in the remote South African bush just north of the tropic of Capricorn, close to the town of Louis Trichardt (now called Machado). Mashovhela is an eco-lodge providing a tranquil bush experience in unspoilt rolling mountainous terrain blessed with natural vegetation and wildlife.

Rivers and waterfalls dissect the landscape that ranges from almost tropical to the drier, dusty landscape of the African bush.


Mashovhela relies on Vodacom’s GSM network for wireless telecommunications services. The lodges’ geographical situation amongst the mountains of Limpopo complicates wireless access due to marginal, patchy network coverage and low signal levels in the vicinity of the lodge.


Mashovhela opted for POYNTING’s wireless solution on the Vodacom 3G GSM network. Previously using POYNTING’s A0016 900MHz 18dBi Yagi antennas coupled to adaptor 24 couplers, POYNTING upgraded the previous solution, installing the cross-polarised configuration of the LPDA92 high-gain log periodic antenna to successfully capture sufficient Vodacom signal from the tower 6 km’s away. Vodacom’s GSM wireless data service was converted into a Wi-Fi service using POYNTING’s Airpoynt 3G wireless router and I-Mod access points accessible from mobile phones, computers or any Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The Result

POYNTING’s solution using the Vodacom network converts the mobile networks data service in the area into a Wi-Fi solution, allowing guests to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience throughout the lodge. With the additional features coming soon from the networks, POYNTING’s solution now allows for normal mobile calls to be established and handed between the GSM and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly without call interruption. Signal reliability improved with the deployment of the cross polarisation technology helping to minimise fading and variances due to reflections and diverse weather conditions. The solution is 4G LTE ready.
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