How to earn more with your Helium Mining – An example

Helium Crypto Mining and the native token of the Helium blockchain ($HNT) has been in existence since 2019 and is known as the people’s network. Helium is a blockchain network designed to provide wireless coverage to the masses.

Here at POYNTING the Helium Crypto Mining bug has bitten our employees and they have eagerly installed their miners and paired it with a POYNTING outdoor antenna to boost their $HNT earnings.

How Ernst increased his earnings:

Ernst Coetzee, one of our RF Engineers, shared his results with us. He compared the following 3 scenarios at his house in Pretoria, South Africa:

  1. The miner on the windowsill at his house using the antenna that is supplied with the miner.
  2. The POYNTING OMNI-300 Helium Antenna on the roof of his house using an L Bracket
  3. The same OMNI-300 moved onto a 2 m pole on his roof.

He looked at the distance to the furthest node and the number of witnesses that he could connect to, as this will give you the best opportunity to increase your earnings.

In the results below, you will see that the witnesses increased from 4 to a maximum of 20 and the distance to the furthest node was increased from 2.9 to 13 to 34 km. Ernst also mentioned that his earnings increased from a third of the network average to DOUBLE the network average with the antenna on the pole.

Without POYNTING Antenna
On 2 m pole

In this Helium Article you can find a short overview of how Helium works as well as an example of how our antennas improved earnings for a customer in Cape Town.

Interesting facts about the OMNI-300 Antenna:

  • LoRa/Helium specific antenna from 868 to 930 MHz
  • Can be used across the world in all licenses free IoT band
    • EUR/SA = 868 MHz
    • USA = 920 to 928 MHz
    • APAC = 915 to 930 MHz
  • Medium gain with wide vertical beamwidth for optimal coverage.
  • Exceptional omni-directional patterns throughout the frequency band
  • High efficiency due to well matched antenna design

 Please contact your closest POYNTING Partner and ask for a POYNTING Helium Antenna.

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