Incredible savings by moving from ADSL to 4G with a POYNTING PUCK

NetXL, our partner in the UK, came to the aid of their customer Prosis that had a challenge at a project. Prosis was upgrading 80+ traffic signals to 4G, but metal boxes were blocking the signal. NetXL solved the problem with a POYNTING PUCK Antenna, delivering a robust and effective solution.


NetXL is a distributor of networking, IT infrastructure and communications hardware and one of our partners in the UK. They were approached by their customer, Prosis, to optimize the communication at one of their projects. Prosis focuses on the delivery of Technology & Communication projects to organizations & Government bodies in the UK.

The Challenge 

We were approached by a prospective client to review their communications strategy for 200+ traffic sites. They had recently taken over responsibility of their estate and their priority was to restore and stabilise communications across their estate. The solution needed to be secure, cost effective and simple to maintain.

The Research

Prosis conducted a fact-finding exercise to identify the key requirements, it became apparent that many sites had become isolated due to poor connectivity. It was also discovered that there were various communication methods with a lack of supporting documentation that was also costly to maintain.

The Solution

After further analysis, we suggested that cellular communications (LTE/4G) were the ideal connection medium to provide the required speed securely with a reduction in operational cost.

Working with our strategic partners Netxl, Mobius Networks and POYNTING, our technical team developed a secure, scalable solution to cater for the client’s requirement using Cellular data comms, dedicated private AP with the added benefit of secure wifi capability at each site. The solution delivered secure access to each site router, OTU, and controller. In addition to providing connectivity, the solution also incorporated secure WIFI to give service engineers the ability to logon, diagnose and fix faults without opening site cabinets to the elements. Utilising POYNTING's’ powerful PUCK 5 antenna in conjunction with Prosis’s Connect 5M LTE / 4G router we have delivered secure stable communications staying connected even in extreme temperatures. We have enabled dual band 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz secure wifi access for their field engineers to resolve issues quicker from the comfort of their vehicle instead of attempting to open street cabinets if the weather is bad.

The Outcome

The client now has a fully documented, secure, cost effective, manageable, communications strategy across their traffic management estate. Our team has implemented a solution that simplifies and standardises internal IP addressing so their maintenance and support engineers can connect to their equipment web pages with confidence.

The Customer Said:

“Every project brings new challenges, however collaborating with great partners such as POYNTING bolsters our position and confidence to deliver a stable communications solution for our clients.”

– NetXL

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