POYNTING Antennas improves Internet at Construction Sites

Building sites have notoriously bad signal, especially in the containers that these companies use as temporary offices. These containers are in effect Faraday cages that keep the signal out. See how Ocmer Sp. z o.o in Poland solved this problem.

The Background

Ocmer Sp. z o.o. is a general contractor that builds large format industrial buildings. For more than 25 years the company has built factories, warehouses, fruit and vegetable sorting houses, car dealerships, aircraft hangars and much more.

They design and build buildings to suit the customer’s specific needs. The buildings normally consist of steel or a steel hybrid, depending on the specific needs of the investor, purpose and required functionality.

The Challenge

While building these huge structures Ocmer operates from container offices that are temporarily erected on the site. 
These containers are in effect a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage is a container, or a shield, that blocks out radio waves needed for internet to work.

The Solution

We suggested that they use the POYNTING OMNI-600 Antenna. This is a 2×2 MIMO LTE Antenna that covers the 410 – 3800 MHz bands. This ultra-wide band covers all contemporary operating frequencies with excellent balanced gain across all frequencies. Higher frequencies are not compromised, and the antenna design allows POYNTING to have superior pattern control over the entire frequency range, making the OMNI-600 a true high performance omni-directional antenna.

The Result

The antenna increased the speed significantly from 2 Mbps download to 50 Mbps download which was more than enough for their requirements.

The customer uses the antennas on 2 building sites and is very satisfied with the performance. They have steady and reliable internet and where opening files from the server could take several hours, they now open immediately – saving time and reducing employee frustration!

The antenna is used in combination with a 4G-LTE router available on the Polish market and connected to the network of one of the main operators.

“We use the antennas on 2 building sites, and we are very satisfied with their performance. The Internet works well and steadily. The server opens quickly and previously without an antenna, files opened several hours. We recommend POYNTING Antennas”  –  Michał Szulc – OCMER.

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