POYNTING PUCK antenna: A vital part of the i-charging EV Charger

The Background

i-charging is a technology company focusing on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.  This dynamic company was born from the desire to create technology-based products, reinforcing innovation, differentiation, design, and quality, within the most sophisticated segments of the infrastructure for electric mobility. They want to be a global reference, offering a differentiating and value-generating offer for the community and that is why they want to have the best partners at their side.

i-charging approached LusoMatrix, our partner in Portugal, for a robust antenna solution. LusoMatrix focuses on the distribution of electronic equipment and components for the telecommunications market and has offices in Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona. They selected the POYNTING PUCK series as it checks all the boxes in the above requirement.

The PUCK-8 Antenna is a 3-in-1 T IoT or M2M antenna that covers the 698 – 3800 MHz bands. In the small, vandal proof enclosure you will find 2X2 LTE Antennas (MIMO) and a Wi-Fi Antenna. The fact that it is ground plane independent and very easy install was a bonus.

The Result

In the tests, i-charging connected their equipment with the antenna, which was placed at the top of the charging unit. They tested the three antennas simultaneously, managing to successfully communicate with other systems.

“Electrical and mechanical performance, in a small housing was crucial for i-charging. The POYNTING PUCK antenna was the obvious solution as this rugged, low-profile antenna checks all the boxes” – Paulo Xavier, General Manager, LusoMatrix.

Click on the links for information on LusoMatrix and i-charging.

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