LTE HELI Antenna Customised in Orange

One of POYNTING’s Australian based partners, Challenge Networks, is recognised and respected by industry as the pre-eminent enterprise LTE network provider and LTE System Integrator across a range of sectors including resources and energy.

Challenge Networks has vast experience in delivering above ground LTE solutions to a range of mining and energy companies and now want to provide this same solution for their underground operations.

Underground mining brings with it some unique challenges. You need to provide complete LTE coverage into open stopes as well as to the face of the mine where high data throughput is required.

An important part of this system was the need for a suitable LTE Band 3 (1800MHz) antenna specifically designed to cater for consistent coverage up to 150m underground.

Challenge Networks had previously tested many different types of antennas including Omni’s, Panels and Yagi’s but all had their limitations, with none providing the desired outcome of consistent coverage 150m past the antenna.

Further investigation into what is typically used underground and in tunnels led them to the unique range of POYNTING HELI antennas. The POYNTING range consisted of 2400MHz Wi-Fi solutions, but POYNTING, working in conjunction with Challenge Networks, designed a HELI antenna for the LTE Band 3 at 1800MHz.

With the newly adapted POYNTING HELI-5 antenna installed, we observed a significant improvement in the coverage results, being able to obtain LTE coverage (with no line of sight) in excess of 200 meters beyond the antenna.

A great outcome following which the POYNTING HELI-5 antenna was deployed as part of an underground mine LTE solution facilitating the first successful operation of remote underground mining equipment from the surface.

According to Simone Lardner, Owner of Challenge Networks, they were extremely pleased with the results obtained since deploying the HELI-5 antennas that provided the final component required to complete what was a highly complex solution.

Challenge Networks look forward to more innovations from POYNTING, who have been fantastic to deal with and a great assistance in developing and providing the right antenna solutions for our clients.


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