Racing with POYNTING’s MIMO-3 Antennas

POYNTING’s MIMO-3 antenna equipped two rally racing cars for live streaming during SERTÕES SERIES SP racing in Vale do Ribeira, state of São Paulo, Brazil this November 4-6, 2021.

Bianchini Rally Can-Am UTV #150 crewed by Max and Rodrigo Sallum and Accert Competições Mitsubishi L200 RS #371 crewed by Cristiano A. Rocha and Gustavo Lourençon received a LTE transmission set composed by POYNTING’s MIMO-3 antenna and Teltonika RUT955 router for live streaming feeds.

The live streaming was distributed by Bianchini Rally TV channel on Youtube showing HD video from cockpit and front view and audio from pilot’s helmet intercommunicator.

This live streaming from rally racing cars is an independent research project conducted by a group of racing teams composed by Accert Competições, Bianchini Rally, MSL Rally and X Rally

Team. The goal is to develop a stable and reliable solution to offer viewers a pleasant way to follow rally races worldwide.

Credit: Fabricio Bianchini

The performance of POYNTING’s MIMO-3 was excellent during this edition of SERTÕES SERIES SP racing, offering a flawless LTE connectivity to local mobile operator thank to its impeccable technology. The robustness of the antenna was proved in a wet, shacky, high speed and bumpy environment that only top notch equipment such as POYNTING Tech products can take.

Many thanks to POYNTING Tech for offering the opportunity of racing your equipment’s and making this solution possible.

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