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POYNTING offers antennas for a wide variety of transportation applications. Whether it is for your boats, trucks, coaches, or a fleet of vehicles, we have the solution for you. Below you will find more on our rugged WIFI antennas, see how ÖAMTC used our antennas to keep their fleet of vehicles in contact in remote regions of Austria. Get some tips on how to select a marine or coastal antenna to improve 4G or 5G signal on your boat or yacht. You are also invited to join us at the SuperYacht Pavilion at the MetsTrade show in the Netherlands later this year.

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An Introduction to PIM (Passive Intermodulation) & why PIM is / is not of concern in some systems.

GETTING TO THE POYNT –ePoynt(ing) your router – FAQ

At the end of November we conducted a webinar titled: ePoynt (ing) your Router, where we discussed Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) applications.
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