In this edition of To the Poynt we are introducing our first, Uni-directional 4×4 MIMO antenna. A customer used one of these antennas in a comparative study and was blown away by the results. Our offices in Europe and the USA sent us some updates of the activities in these regions. Our R & D and Industrialisation departments welcomes new colleagues to their teams.

In the banner at the bottom, we would like to invite you to register for our next webinar. We will be talking about communication in the transport and mobility industry and encourage you to attend if this is of interest.

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Next Webinar: The Future of Connectivity in Motion

Please register for our webinar titled: “To the Poynt – The Future of Connectivity in Motion” below.
The webinar takes place on the 6th of July 2022, and we would like to see you there.

Video: MIMO Antenna Secrets

The series consists of 5 videos titled: MIMO Basics #1: What is a MIMO Antenna?, MIMO Basics #2: MIMO and spaced antennas; MIMO Basics #3: MIMO Antennas and Gain; MIMO Basics #4: MIMO and Adaptive Beam Steering; MIMO Basics #5: “Fixing” a bad omni with MIMO.
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