October 2023

In this edition POYNTING introduces the OMNI-494 and OMNI-498 MIMO Wi-Fi marine antennas designed for reliable connectivity at sea. GEOxyz utilizes POYNTING antennas for communication in their Geodrone unmanned vessel, enhancing marine site investigation and surveys.

We discuss the choice between Starlink and LTE/5G for maritime connectivity, providing recommendations based on specific needs and sailing habits. UGent Racing Team improves connectivity with our PUCK-4 for their autonomous vehicle.

The European team visited South Africa, and their participation in BUSWORLD Europe 2023 was marked as a significant success. POYNTING US showcased their antenna solutions at the 2023 WISPAPALOOZA event, joined the Cradlepoint’s TAP Program and welcomed new team members.

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FAQ: What is the difference
between 5G 4×4 MIMO and
Wi-Fi 6E 4×4 MIMO?
Video: POYNTING Antennas for
Mining and Tunnel Applications
Welcome to Our
New Employees
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