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February 2020

Feb 20, 2020 | Newsletters


Our first webinar of 2020 explains the benefits of outdoor antennas for a mobile network operator. Not only does outdoor antennas allow you to increase the capacity of a base station by up to 5 times, it also leads to an increase in revenue and happier customers! This webinar will take place at the beginning of March and we will be sending out invites in a couple of weeks.

Poynting – Out & About

Poynting – Out & About

Hosting our biggest customer, Emcom, at Poynting Antennas During the month of January, Mrs Juan Potgieter, Managing Executive of Sales had the privilege to host not...

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Video: Technical iterations of the XPOL-2 antennas up to the latest XPOL-2-5G

The Poynting series of XPOL-2 antennas have come a long way. From the first antenna to the current 5G version, we show how these antennas evolve.

I Connected My Router To An External Antenna, Now My Performance Is Worse

Question: Why is my router performance worse AFTER I connected an external antenna? Written by Stephen Froneman. Here are some of the reasons you might be experiencing a worse performance after connecting an external antenna: Internal / External Antenna Selection:...

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