February 2020

Feb 20, 2020 | Newsletters



Our first webinar of 2020 explains the benefits of outdoor antennas for a mobile network operator. Not only does outdoor antennas allow you to increase the capacity of a base station by up to 5 times, it also leads to an increase in revenue and happier customers!

This webinar will take place at the beginning of March and we will be sending out invites in a couple of weeks.

Poynting – Out & About

Poynting – Out & About

Hosting our biggest customer, Emcom, at Poynting Antennas During the month of January, Mrs Juan Potgieter, Managing Executive of Sales had the privilege to host not...

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Video: Technical iterations of the XPOL-2 antennas up to the latest XPOL-2-5G

The Poynting series of XPOL-2 antennas have come a long way. From the first antenna to the current 5G version, we show how these antennas evolve.

Christoph Hilbert, ime Mobile Solutions GmbH

We are very proud to represent POYNTING in the market for far over a decade, since 2009. From the beginning we have been convinced by their absolute dedication to high performance combined with excellent quality. Those two KPIs are what our customers need to build fully reliable IoT and communication solutions. We are happily looking forward to many more years to come.